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Theresa Griffith

Theresa Griffith has devoted her life to bringing relief to people who suffer. She is known all over the world for her musical work in the areas of Autism, ADHD, Pain and Stress Management, Insomnia, Massage Therapy, Hospice and Birthing. Her main focus these days is in bringing relief to families affected by Autism. Below is a Link to a Sample of her latest CD created especially for those with Autism. It is available in a Basic or Personalized Version. The sample below is the Personalized Version. 



 Elijah's Song Sample

Garret's Song Sample

Personalized Album Cover for Children With Autism

Sample Cover of a Personalized Autism CD

Personalized Autism CD’s

How often does your child hear their name spoken in a harsh tone? How often is their name used in conjunction with correction or reprimand as opposed to words of love and encouragement? 


International flutist & vocalist Theresa Griffith, who is a Medicinal Music Specialist, is now offering custom CDs with your child's name sung in the first song and their photo on the CD's face and cover. Watch the change in your child's behavior and ability to learn and sleep after using their special CD for just one week! You will find them asking for it before bedtime and the first thing when they get home from school. 


In 1998 Theresa recorded a CD called Utopia for use with ADD/ADHD and the results were phenomenal.  She recorded it at 60 beats per minute (bpm) which lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, thereby bringing slower and deeper breathing patterns and  a peaceful calming effect which facilitates sleep as well as the ability to focus and learn. The result of enhanced brain function through music is known as the Mozart effect. Now Theresa takes her new Autism CD  a giant step further by recording at 55bpm and including personalized lyrics designed to touch the child's emotional well being by bringing healing to the perceptions of who they are and confirming over and over within their personal song that they are not only Ok, they are unique, accepted and special.


The Basic Autism Cd is called My Peaceful Place while the Personalized Version is titled with the child's name (Ex. David's Song). Both are a full hour long. The Basic CD has generalized words of love and edification while the personalized version is filled with your child's own characteristics, and specific names of those who love them. They are both perfect for use anytime there is a need for calm. When used at bedtime these encouraging and affirming lyrics will renew the child's mind in who they are and that they are loved.  This will not only bring amazing healthy changes in your child’s life but will bring peace to the entire family.  Theresa's other music is also medicinal and can be used to help bring a deep sense of calm to everyone in the home. It is especially helpful at dinner time because it has  been proven to promote digestion. 


My Peaceful Place, Music Used For Calming Autistic Children

Commendations of Theresa's Music



We just received the special Autism CD  you did for our daughter Joy. I put it into her cd player in her bedroom she started to sing to it then signed for me to leave her alone. She calmly sat on her bed and  peacefully rocked to the heavenly sounds. I watched her via the key hole in her door and she absolutely loves it! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift Theresa!

Teacher from Oklahoma


 I play your music every day at nap time and music/ self expression times.  The other day one of my students, a  very bright, three year old boy said “ Teacher, will you tell that flute lady on that CD, I love her playing? It makes me feel better.”  He gets upset if I forget your Bliss cd. I was out sick this past Monday And he was in tears saying “They forgot to play the cd for us!” ~ R. D


Child’s Emotional State


Just wanted to add my comments on the "therapeutic effects" of your music. We have had a 3 yr old from an abusive family situation staying with us this past week.  This little one had intense anger and defiance issues when she arrived last friday and her mother said she has nightmares every night and throws up often.  Every night

we put her to bed with the same routine: stories, pray God's blessing  while playing one of your CDs. She falls asleep peacefully with your music and hasn't had one nightmare and only one slight throw-up incident all week. Besides that the level of peace and restfulness in her behavior has increased. 


Bob in MA




My autistic 20 year old daughter just informed me that she didn't wake up one time last night after using your Utopia CD to go to sleep. I let her borrow it because  she  is always getting up during the night, which wakes me up. She specifically asked to borrow it. She never does things like that! 

She has hardly ever slept through the night in her entire life! 

So thank you!!!


Rose D.  from OK


Brain Compatible


I'd really been struggling with test anxiety lately, so, I was  wondered if Theresa's CDs would help me focus. I asked my teacher for permission to use a portable cd player in class while taking my quizzes, and omg it worked!  I went from near failing every quiz/test to getting 90-100!  


Just made a 99 on my 4 page test last week because of it.  

Thanks Again! ~ RR


Public Classroom


I use your music in my classroom for reading and nap time with my children with Autism and ADHD and  LOVE IT! It has the effect of a warm blanket bringing such a beautiful  sense of calm to everyone. Thanks!


PG in Michigan